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Novum productum: figuratus sacculum liquidum sarcina machina

With the development of the times, product packaging has become very important. As a packaging machine manufacturer with 21 years of experience, we continue to innovate and research new products for our customer. Today, I will introduce our new packing machine to you. This machine is installed with two pumps. One is rotary valve pump which is designed for packing paste products, such as cream, tomato sauce, shampoo; another is needle valve pump which is designed for packing liquid products, such as oil, alcohol, vinegar, water and etc. Why we design such machine? Because many customers has various product need to pack. This machine is a good choice for them. Save budget. One machine has two functions. Besides, This machine is installed with one set die mold. The die mold is very important. It determines the form of the finished bag. Of course, our machine can make different bag package through changing bag former and die mold. If you have any interest, welcome to contact us for machine details: sale-chi@zhonghe8.com.


Post tempus: Nov-03-2021